Cycling In Canada

Tour De Montreal.png

Coming off of the most watched Tour de France since 2010, cycling is riding a bit of a wave.  As more and more people take to cycling in their daily lives, there has been a growing interest in attending or even participating in cycling events around the world.  For North Americans though, they are limited to very few opportunities to see a top level cycling event.  Union Cycliste International, or UCI, is the world's governing body for sports cycling and their top level competition, World Tour, only has three events on the entire continent. Two of those are two days apart in Canada next month. 


The Grand Prix Cyclistes de Québec and de Montréal are each single day 200 km races through Québec City and Montréal, respectively.  This year, they take place on September 7th and the 9th, and they are great reasons to visit these beautiful North American gems and celebrate the sport.  Both races course their way through the cities and offer spectacular views of both the peloton and the surrounding architecture. The beauty of races like these is that they are set up in a closed circuit, comprised of 16 laps each, so there is opportunity to set up your view in a different spot for each lap, and be at the start/finish line for the end.  The events are free, they just require some savvy logistical preparation.