Going Alone


One of the best things about sports are the bonding experiences that they offer.  Many of us have great memories of our friends, siblings or parents centered around attending a game of some sort.  We so closely associate sports with our relationships, that when we think of a particular sport or team, we immediately think of somebody we know that is a fan of that sport or team.  Sport outings are so routinely social, that many of us wouldn’t dare attending an event alone, but, we encourage the solitary venture to be tried, or at least not to be feared.  If you’re married with kids, there is a good chance you need zero convincing to want to do anything alone, alas, we will remind you of the reasons to want to attend a sporting event alone.

At the very least, flying solo to a sporting event keeps you from being distracted by another person. Free to listen to the game on an earpiece, keep score, drink your face off.  Whatever it is you like to do while watching sports, that’s publicly appropriate, is there to do without obligations. With nobody to interrupt you during the big moment or begging to leave before the game is over, you can simply sit and enjoy the game you love.  Did I mention eat what you want, get to the game when you want and whatever else it is that you want?

If you are absolutely a social butterfly and think the above paragraph sounds like a miserable experience, I would argue that you too would benefit from attending a sporting event by your lonesome.  You may find that you will be more inclined to meet new people when you don’t have to tend to the social needs and attention of an accompanying friend.  It’s also easier to mingle with the crowd when you are a part of that crowd and clearly have a shared interest with those around you. 

In addition to your subjective preference of solitude or meeting new people, there is the simple monetary benefit of going alone.  You no longer have to buy a second ticket just to convince somebody else to sit with you and you immediately save 50%. Of course, you won’t be splitting parking anymore. You could also take that same amount of money you would have spent on two tickets and apply it to one for a much better seat.

For the extremely self-conscious type, who still wouldn’t consider going to a game alone, no matter how much money is saved, or freedom it granted - remember, you are in a crowd with thousands of other people.  They don’t know that you are alone and chances are they are paying more attention to what they paid their good money to see, and not you.  Give it a shot, it is a very easy and safe way to step out of your comfort zone, and could open you up to a new way of experiencing life, or it doesn’t. That’s the worst it could do.