Sitting With Celebrities


Complementary parking, VIP entrance, in-seat food and beverage service.  These are just some of the typical perks one gets with premium seats at major sport venues.  What about sitting with celebrities?  That’s huge added value for most, except for maybe the celebrities themselves.  Understanding it’s a dream scenario, we put together this short list of some of the biggest celebrity sports fans and what it cost to sit within shouting distance of them.

Jack Nicholson: Los Angeles Lakers (Courtside where section 101 & 102 meet)

No celebrity is more closely associated with their favorite team than Jack (pictured above) and the Lakers. He’s had courtside seats now for 40 years, and pays an estimated $232,000 a year for two seats.  Sitting courtside at the Lakers isn’t something you can just buy on the team website.  There aren’t any season tickets available in the entire Staples Center, and if any of the courtside seats became available, they would go back to team ownership to be sold to whomever they choose. But, courtside can be found on the secondary market for single games, occasionally.  The final game of this season vs the Trail Blazers has two tickets courtside by the visitor’s bench for $2,250.00 on Stubhub.  Of course the specific seat information isn’t available, so you maybe buying seats next to Jack, nearby, or maybe they’re his. 


Jason Bateman: Los Angeles Dodgers (Section DG8 Row AA Seat 1&2)

Staying in Los Angeles, over at Chavez Ravine, you can find Jason Bateman right behind the visitor’s dugout all summer long, with the occasional celebrity guest, like Jon Hamm. Seems like this could be a good format for his own talk show.  Kudos to him for being the only non-basketball fan we have here.  It takes a lot of dedication to want to go to 81 baseball games every summer, not that he attends every one, but he’s paying for it either way. Access to the Lexus Dugout Club for one game will run you a lot less than courtside seats, but you’re still looking at a G to get in to this exclusive section.  Once there, you can redeem some of that value into your stomach through the all-you-can-eat restaurant underneath the stadium. 


Spike Lee: New York Knicks (VIP10, Seats 1&2)

Madison Square Garden is like the Taj Mahal of American sports arenas, and Spike Lee is the closest thing to a resident sultan.  By sitting courtside at a Knicks game, you probably get more value being in earshot of the award-winning filmmaker than watching the product on the court.  With two games left this season, the closest you can get to Spike is one row back and about 11 rows over for $630 per ticket. Not bad. 


Chris Tucker: Atlanta Hawks (Floor 8)

Another basketball crazed star gravitating to his mediocre hometown basketball team, is Chris Tucker.  A regular feature on the big board in State Farm Arena, the comedian has been attending Hawks games consistently for at least 15 years.  If you wanted to attend the Hawks final game this season, you can find tickets in the comedian’s section, Floor 8, for $351 each.  If he’s not in his seat, you might find him at the courtside bar, first of its kind.


Donnie Wahlberg: Boston Celtics (Floor 22, Row A)

 While he’s not the most famous Celtics fan, he’s probably the most dedicated of the famous Celtic’s fans.  He’s also the first one we’ve mentioned that will be enjoying playoff basketball this season.  Courtside season tickets at the Boston Garden, don’t just grant you access to the premium amenities, but also gets you onto some of the best golf course in the area.  How’s that for perks?  For a single game, though, there is nothing available for the first home playoff game on Donnie’s Row A, but you could sit in the same section, Floor 22, in Row BB for $2,047 per ticket.


Drake: Toronto Raptors (Courtside North, Row TM)

 When Drake rapped “I got a club in the Raptors Arena / Championships, celebrations during regular seasons”, he wasn’t exaggerating.  He literally has his own lounge area named after his grandparents called the Sher Club.  Access to the club runs $7000 a season on top of your ticket prices.  Because Drake sits between a media table and the scorer’s table, there are only four seats on his row.  Finding a ticket near him can be extremely difficult, requiring a lot of money and patience for something to become available.  Looking at the home Playoff games that the Raptors potentially have, the closest you could get to the NBA’s hippest celeb is behind the Raptors bench about 11 seats down from the Champagne Papi.  While he may not hear you from there, at least you’ll be able to smell the sweat of Kawhi Leonard for a cool $2,640 per ticket.